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In a previous post, I briefly discussed the positive impact that SEO, or search engine optimization, can have on  your online marketing efforts. Since the post was so brief, I wanted to expand upon this topic.  Since I haven’t posted anything since September, I’m long overdue to give you new juicy information.


More about on page optimization

I briefly touched upon this topic in the previous post. As you well know, on page optimization is very important to help you rank in the major search engines. On a page optimization towels Google why this page is important and what it is important for. The most relevant parts of on page optimization is the title, URL, and how many times you mentioned you were keyword in the content of your article. You want your keyword to be in all of the above factors. It also helps to include your keyword in your meta-keywords and meta-description. This is like holding up a sign that says to google “this is what my site is about”! However you want to be cautious not to include your keyword too many times. For example, you don’t want to typically include your keyword more than a couple of times in the content. If you could your keyword dozens of times and the contents this does not look natural and Google no. As result, you may incur a Google penalty. Once penalized, you’ll probably see a significant reduction in rank in the search results. Some penalties are easy to recover from, but others are not. The worst that can happen is that your site can become deindexed.

Off page optimization

This includes anchor text, relevancy of the links going to your site, and social signals. When building link to your site, you want them to look as natural as possible. In fact, I would recommend that you get your legs naturally rather than build them yourself. You can get natural links by writing a relevant content to your site which results in social sharing. Guest blogging is another great way to get inbound links going to your site. You can also comment on other people’s blog posts as many of them allow you to place a link from your site. Reach out to other blog owners and see if they would read an article about you or if you can write an article for them. I’ll see a lot of web designers who placed a link to their website on the pages that they create; thus, creating a natural link to their site.

An SEO expert can help you with all of this and more. I’ve had a great experience with one here.


Sunday Quick Tips

Sunday is usually there breakfast, but for those of us who do SEO we are working 24 seven so I know that you are probably online getting work done on this day. I wanted to provide you with a few quick tips on the Sunday to help you improve your search engine optimization. I hope you enjoy!


You for the million times that unique content is key. Keep adding content. Kristen from the gift idea list is constantly updating her content. She says “I got more views and went up in the Google ranks as I added more and more content. Just do it!” Check out her site or click on:

Forget about page rank

He drank factor so little into the Google algorithm and it hasn’t been updated in quite some time, so just forget about it.

Longtail keywords

Stop focusing on one word keywords and start paying attention to longtail keywords, Which are essentially longer phrases.

On page optimization

Check out my previous post on this topic and get to work on your site if you have it. Attention to this already.

On Page Optimization Mistakes

seoYou have the perfect ratio of anger checks. You have enough link juice to shoot your webpage to the number one spot on Google, but you’re stuck on page 5 and you have no idea why. What could be the issue? You keep scratching your head trying to figure it out, but you’re coming up with absolutely nothing. Let me shed some light on some possible issues with your site that you’re totally missing.

On-site SEO

On site or on page optimization is something that people often ignore. A common mistake that folks make is by including the keyword too many times in their text. This burgled the keyword throughout their page thinking that it will help with them with their Google rankings, but what they’re doing is shooting themselves in the foot. For example Frank from the Florida orthodontists finder website did all the right things, however he just wasn’t ranking well. He was a newbie at this website business but had read enough and thought he knew what he was doing. His site is geared towards helping people braces in Orlando, for example, and in other areas of the sunshine State. He ended up ranking on page 6 and couldn’t move up further despite excellent back linking strategies. I hope to find out and decided to take a look at his website and provide feedback. What I noticed was that he was sprinkling his keyword Florida orthodontist in about 25% of the text on the site which is Wayover optimized. You want your keyword mentioned just a couple of times and your text so that is no more then one or 2% of the total text. You can view his site at: BTW Frank made these changes in within a month his ratings shot up through the roof.

One additional strategy was to have Frank create a Youtube video (seen below) to get even more traffic to his site. This is a topic I’ll cover in a later post.

The moral of the story is very simple-if you’re not ranking, you need to look at your on page optimization and make sure you’re not over optimizing. I want you to all go through your website and make sure you’re not making this comment but also easy to fix mistake.

For the heck of it, learn more about getting braces here!

Quick Tips to Get Ranked Higher on Google

SEODon’t we all wish we could rank higher on Google? Do you wrack your brain figuring out new ways and just feel stumped? Let’s get into some simple changes you can make to your website to get higher on the big G (Google!).

1. Write catchy headlines

You want to  keep your headlines short and relevant.  You want to  load the front of your headline with your important keywords. Most importantly you want people to find enough interest to click on your post. For example, if you’re writing about running tips don’t just say “Find the best jogging strollers.” Say something like “You’ll never need another jogging stroller again!” and entice readers to click on your post.

2. Pay attention to your URLs

Make sure your URLs are “clean” and to the point. Keep your keywords in your URL and leave out the rest. For example, if your main keyword is best double jogging stroller on the website, make your url “/best-double-jogging-stroller”.  Simpl as that!

These are just two minor tips to get your ranked on google.  I will add more later.

SEO Quick Tips

Here’s a few SEO quick tips to get your blog or website rocking! Keep in mind this isn’t all inclusive and are just a few suggestions to get your day started. I want you to choose one and take action today.

longer contentWrite longer content

Longer content is king. Go ahead and google anything and check out the top results. You’ll notice that most blog posts are 1,000 words or  more. Yep, longer content is king. You’ll be spitting out more keywords than ever and attracting more readers. Dr. Harris is a health Psychologist who focuses on healthy eating and behavior changes and has a keen interest in homeopathic medicine and wellness. Her website focuses on eating right. She states that her most popular post was over 1,000 words and involved a mega list of 100 tips on getting healthy. It helped attract more readers and got her ranked for more keywords on google. You can find her website at:

Uses youtube to help you rank

Believe it or not youtube videos can help you rank on google. Do any google search and on page one is a youtube video. Google seems to favor youtube (hmm wonder why!). Dr. Harris recently recorded a video and has seen a spike in views as a result. She notes that she was nervous about going in front of the camera, but with proper practice and a script she increasingly felt more comfortable. Check out her video here.

Black Hat SEO – What you need to know

If you are tuning in to this article, you want to know more about black hat search engine optimization or black hat SEO techniques. Today I’m going to provide the basic definition of what Blackcat seo is as well as techniques related to black hat Seo that you should really try to avoid or try to really utilize less frequently.

So keep reading for more information!

What exactly is black hat SEO?Black-Hat-SEO

You may have heard of both black hat and white  hat SEO techniques. The basic difference between the two is SEO white hat techniques are those that occur more naturally then black hat SEO techniques. The two terms are taken from popular culture we are you see on TV and in the movies where the good guy would wear a white hat and the black I would typically wear a black hat. Kind of like an cartoons in those old western movies.

When you are implementing black hat as your techniques, you’re focusing more on getting ranked by search engines such as Google rather than focusing on your content and the humans that are reading your content. These types of techniques usually don’t obey the terms of service of search engines.  Those that use black hat techniques are usually those type of folks that are looking to make money quickly. You might find people that are in the affiliate marketing business using black hat SEO techniques.

What black hat techniques should I avoid?

1. Keyword stuffing
People who want to rank highly on search engines for particular keyword will often do what’s called keyword stuffing. This occurs when you repeatedly use the term throughout your content so much so that it looks unnatural. You’re basically writing just to get that keyword into your articles and not focusing on readability or the users experience.

2. Adding unrelated keywords
This one is fairly self-explanatory. This would be adding in keywords that you can rank for into your content just so that you can rank and these keywords are irrelevant to the overall content of your article. An example of this would be “Kim Kardashian likes to eat Cheerios.” Another example might be, “Bob hope has big muscles and likes to weight lift, so check out the best body building supplements on the market!”

3. Private blog networks
People will create a series of webpages just for the purpose of placing their links to their moneymaking sites. These this is the way of creating and accumulating back links and that’s hoping to increase the rent on Google. The problem with this is that it’s not natural.

4. Duplicating content
This is when you copy the content of another site and use it as your own and hopes to rank higher and get more site visitors.

5. Spam comments
This occurs when you go on various websites and blogs and make comments just to get your link to your moneymaking sites or your regular website out there. This is an unnatural way of building back links.  You may see someone commenting on a blog unrelated to the topic of the post just to put their link out there.

This covers just a small portion  of what black hat SEO is. I will post more on this topic in the future.

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SEO for Beginners

SEOSEO stands for search engine optimization. What is a Seo mean? Search engine optimize Asian is essentially how you get found and indexed by search engines, particularly In this article I am going to discuss what SEO is and what some of the basics of SEO are.

Using the right keywords

First, you need to figure out what people are going to type in the search engine in order to look for your website. Then you want to include those terms in your website as keywords. For example if your website is about dog walking, you don’t want your mean keyword to be parrots. You want your keyword to be dog walking or dog pet care. You can use Google keyword planner to see what the most popular keywords are. Another words, you can see how many searches per month there are per keyword and make sure you’re choosing keywords that note only match your content but that people are searching for on a regular basis.

Where to put keywords

When you are creating your website you want to put your keywords in your title, in your meta-description, and you want to sprinkle it throughout your article.  You want to mention your keyword or keywords throughout the body of your article, but not so much that you’re doing what we call “keyword stuffing.” Keyword stuffing is when one inputs their keywords a ton of times in their article, so much so that is is no longer  natural. Google will pick up on this and penalize your site for it, which will lower you in the rankings.

Using XML site maps

In order to be found by search engines such as Google, you’ll want to install a tool called XML site maps. This will submit changes to the major search engines. The slots the search engines know about updates to your website and initially essentially that your website exists.

Other information that will help you

Obviously search engine optimize Asian is a huge topic and we could go on for days about it, but this is beyond the scope of today’s article. Some other things you want to consider is that you want to make sure the content of your website is unique and a duplicate of another website. You want to make sure that your meadow titles and descriptions are unique on every page in that you’re not repeating yourself. You want to make sure your content is well structured and that you’re using paragraphs and headers to separate your content. You’ll also want to sign up for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools in order to get the most bang for your buck and analyze your website traffic.

Again, these are just some of the basics of search engine optimize Asian. You can search the web for a ton of more information and I will cover this topic in more detail in upcoming blog posts. So please check back to my site frequently. Please also contact me using the contact button above with any comments or questions that you might have.